Welcome to the Powercoders Data Analytics Focus Track.

Data is a continuously growing area covering all professions. This track aims giving Powercoders participants an entry point in the Data domain and the tools to continue learning after the Bootcamp. In the Roadmap page find a step by step guidance for the track which is organized around three main topics: Business Analytics, Statistics and Data Science & AI.

Business Analytics

Handling small to large databases and creating highly impact full dashboards with Power BI. Low code approach with applications in all business domains such as Finance, Supply Chain or HR.


Making sense out of data from simple concepts such as range and mean until advanced statistical inference and hypotheses testing. Applies to all skill levels and domains.

Data Science

Advanced analytics rooted in big data using a powerful language such as Python or R. Applications in many new artificial intelligence areas including computer vision and natural language processing.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA is a form of business process automation technology based on the concept of software robots or digital workers. These software-based bots can mimic many human user interactions with other systems.

Artificial Intelligence

Conquer Artificial Intelligence (AI) frontier and realize the power of generative AI and complex large language models. Build a strong foundation with AI to propel you into the new AI-powered landscape..

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