Business Analytics

Data analytics participants oriented into Business Analytics discover during the focus track the Power BI platform. This is achieved this through a series of Datacamp self learning courses and Microsoft Learn lab projects. Datacamp courses take approximately 3 to 4 hours to complete, Microsoft Labs approximately 1 hour. During the practice sessions participants can bring up any questions on the labs or about how to progress on topics covered in the self learn courses.


Following the kick-off interview all participants receive an invitation to Datacamp to access the recommended course links below.

Additionally, to run the Lab projects, practitioners need a Microsoft Account to sign in to Microsoft Learn. After launching lab, they will access a pre-configured VM with exercise instructions, so they don’t need to worry about Power BI installation.

These Units are part of Training Modules and Learning Paths that practitioners can optionally complete if they have time. The main collection is accessible at Become a Power BI data analyst.

In any case, the track courses and labs do not require any specific software installation on the participants laptop, everything can be completed on-line.


Week 1

Self learn: Introduction to Power BI
Lab project 1: Prepare data
Lab project 2: Load data

Week 2

Self learn: DAX functions in Power BI
Lab project 1: Model data
Lab project 2: Introduction to DAX
Lab project 3: Time intelligence and measures

Week 3

Self learn: Exploratory Data Analysis in Power BI
Lab project 1: Design a report
Lab project 2: Enhance reports
Lab project 3: Create a dashboard

The week 4 of the Data Track is in general shorter and left free for the final presentation and any catch up that may be required.