AI assistance in the Powercoders DataTrack


João Ramalho


May 6, 2023

Powercoders participants considering joining the next DataTrack may be thinking how to use AI chatbots and other type of AI assistance in their courses and future jobs. The question in everyone’s minds these days is certainly: “does an ai assistant replace a human trainer”

Although I was not sure I’d get an impartial answer I thought about asking the question to an AI chatbot and this is what I got from Microsoft Bing:

“That’s an interesting question. I don’t think an AI assistant can replace a human trainer completely, but it can augment and complement human intelligence in many ways. According to some sources, AI-based machines are fast, more accurate, and consistently rational, but they aren’t intuitive, emotional, or culturally sensitive. And, it’s exactly these abilities that humans posses and which make us effective. AI-based fitness apps can provide personalized and optimized workouts, follow progress, and motivate users, but they can’t replace the human touch, empathy, and creativity that a human trainer can offer. […] So, I think an AI assistant can be a useful tool for a human trainer, but not a substitute. (sources removed).

A powerfull AI assistance

At the Powercoders DataTrack we’re using the online learning platform DataCamp which comes with a native AI assistant. This assistant helps completing exercises, reviewing errors and is providing very complete explanations. In the image below we see an example of this where I was trying to get the mean by using the the method .mean() but this doesn’t apply to lists.

DataCamp AI assistant

Additionally, new courses on AI applications are being made available such as the DataCamp Introduction to chatGPT, which provides guidance of where and when to use AI to generate code and how to integrate it in the daily workflow.

… plus a real human support

Early in this post we’ve seen that Bing had provided an example from the world of fitness trainers, but I find it applies to our case too: our group of Trainers is exactly providing the cultural sensitivity, emotional support and encouragement to participants only humans can do. We’re also sharing our long experience in Data Jobs in Switzerland, reassuring participants and helping in the fine calibration of knowledge level required for each participant. We also support in the creation and update of individual learning paths. The Powercoders DataTrack is providing weekly live sessions with human trainers, complementing our online course offer.

A winning partnership

Like all fields in programming the Data field is evolving very quickly and we’re excited to be in this journey of AI integration. Our next DataTrack is starting soon on June 5th and we’re proud to share that Powercoders and DataCamp Donates have just renewed its partnership for another year. As before, our collaboration provides Powercoders participants a free one year subscription to DataCamp.

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