This page contains a description of the learning journey and guidance to go through the different learning steps.


Participation in the Data Analytics Focus Tracks assumes completion of the Foundations part of the Bootcamp.


L foundations Foundations 8 weeks careerweek Career week 2 weeks foundations->careerweek datainterview Data Track kick-off interview careerweek->datainterview datatrack Data Track self learning + practice sessions 4 weeks datainterview->datatrack presentation Final presentation datatrack->presentation

Kick-off interview

Participants receive an invitation for an individual 20 minutes interview to go through their professional objectives. In the case an internship is in view, the specific job requirements are discussed.

Job requirements are in some cases made available in written form by the company either by a list of tasks, technologies or programming languages. In other cases companies provide a job add or a job profile description. In other cases requirements come in a non structured way from job interviews, websites and other sources.

During the kick-off interview the job requirements are framed and a selection of the most suited Data Analytics topics to cover during Track is made (Business Analytics, Data Science & AI, Statistics).

Kick-off interviews may be followed by other catch-up interviews if requirements become further clarified or evolve during the track.

Self learning

During 4 weeks participants get started with the Datacamp on-line learning platform. According to the kick-off interview, specific courses are provided covering the requirements and learning objectives selected. The platform provides all the setup required to start and in the begining there is no need to install further software, libraries or IDEs.

Participants oriented towards Business Analytics are recommended Datacamp Power BI courses. Power BI is a low code / no code platform for creating business dashboards with extensive adoption in many companies. Participants aiming for Data Science and potentially AI applications are recommended Datacamp Python or R courses. The Statistics content covers concepts needed in all areas of data and is recommended to all participants.

All Track members benefit from a one year subscription to Datacamp at no cost.

Practice sessions

In addition to the self-learning, 2 hours practice sessions are organized, virtual, physical or hybrid with experienced IT trainers who are seasoned professionals in the Data and related domains.

Practice sessions are organized on the same topics described before - Business Analytics, Data Science & AI, Statistics. Preparation materials are shared upfront by the IT trainers and the sessions are usually around solving a project using Power BI or a Jupyter notebook. Some sessions can also be simply a group Q&A session giving everyone the opportunity to ask questions and hear others inputs and points of view on data related topics, tools and company applications.

The practice sessions are one privileged moment to meet the trainers, the other participants, discuss and learn from each other.

1 to 1 interviews

On a need basis 30 min individual interviews can be organized up to once per week, to discuss either technical or professional topics. These are focused around data and are complementary to the other coaching and professional interviews.

Final presentation

Participants are invited to share their learnings in a 1 hour presentation to the other focus tracks. The presentations covers typically topics like:

  • Data field overview
    • What are the professional roles in data analytics
    • Which are job roles exist in Data Analytics in the job market
    • Which are the main technologies to handle data
    • How do specific data technologies fit in the overall technology landscape
  • Data track content overview
    • Power BI
    • Statistics
    • Python, R
    • RPA