All Data Track participants are recommended to follow the Statistics courses. These provide an introduction (or a refresher) into key statistical concepts that are present in many different tasks in Data related jobs.

The first two weeks are based on spreadsheets, a very common approach in most business contexts. In the 3 week participants get exposed to R, one of the most important languages to do statistical analysis. On the common question which programming language to use we believe different languages have specific benefits and use cases. The R programming language has excellent libraries for statistical analysis and can be an excellent complement to more generic languages as python.


Following the kick-off interview all participants receive an invitation to Datacamp to access the recommended course links below.

In any case, the track courses and labs do not require any specific software installation on the participants laptop, everything can be completed on-line.


Week 1

Self learn : Statistics in spreadsheets
Lab project: The Discovery of Handwashing (excel)

Week 2

Self learn: Error and uncertainty in spreadsheets
Lab project: Bank accounts

Week 3

Self learn: Introduction to statistics in R
Lab project: The Discovery of Handwashing (R, requires a login)

The week 4 of the Data Track is in general shorter and left free for the final presentation and any catch up that may be required.